About Frontcraft

Frontcraft is a visual app development platform. It covers everything from prototyping a first idea to monitoring and updating an app after release. Frontcraft is web-based and runs entirely in your browser, no setup required.

Frontcraft is the culmination of years of experience in developing cross-platform applications and automatizes repetitive tasks in software development. Our objective is to decrease the barrier to entry to software development for smaller companies and individuals.

Frontcraft is developed and maintained by Luxbyte SARL-S.

Frontcraft™ is a trademark of Luxbyte SARL-S.

The Company

Luxbyte SARL-S was founded by Frank Gelhausen and Olivier Puraye and is based in Hagen, Luxembourg. Since 2017, we strive to push the limits of modern web development by embracing new technologies and not allowing older browsers to be a roadblock.

Luxbyte® is a trademark of Luxbyte SARL-S, registered in the EU and US.